Kramer Architects is committed to environmentally conscious and sustainable building practices. We always work with the client and builder to select environmentally and climate sensitive materials that are made from recycled materials wherever possible. Energy consumption plays a fundamental part of a home’s environmental profile. We design homes that make use of active andpassive means for conserving energy, implementing high-efficiency heating/air conditioning systems, the highest-grade insulation products and windows to ensure we are building spaces that are easy to heat, cool and retain their temperature. A commitment to green design is good for the Earth and good for the client’s pocketbook.


Last but not least, it is important to remember that a ‘sustainable’ design is not simply a home that is conscious of its environmental footprint. A sustainable design must also foster and inspire a sustainable lifestyle. Some new ‘green architecture’ incorporates the latest green building technology – but within home environments that are inherently uncomfortable to live in and out of character with their natural and built surroundings. Kramer Architects always aspires to design highly ‘livable’ spaces that are comfortable and practical. We design homes that strengthen a sense of community — rather than create a neighborhood eyesore. This is how we define true home and neighborhood sustainability.