Our Fees

Kramer Architects typically provides a free preliminary meeting with potential clients at their home, to help provide more information about making a decision and to answer basic questions. Home renovations or additions can be expensive, long and potentially disruptive. We appropriately recognize the importance of addressing a client’s concerns initially in the process. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and offer an education on the factors that should be considered when selecting an architect.


Kramer Architects charges for our services on an hourly basis, unlike some firms who bill clients a percentage of the full construction costs. We believe this is the fairest approach for our clients and provides the best value. Our incentive is to get the homeowners the best price- not the heftiest design bill.

Preliminary Budget

Kramer Architects helps develop and keep families on budget. Given today’s financial climate, we help the client secure financing through our firm’s relationship with dozens of local lenders.

Home Investment

Putting money into a house is a sound financial idea and a good investment. Particularly now, when housing prices, borrowing rates and construction costs are at historic lows, an investment in improving a home can pay off in significant ways over the long term. Considering that money sitting in the bank now accrues at historically low rates, a financial investment in your home can yield a far greater long-term percentage.

Building Materials

We only create designs that call for the highest quality of building materials. In addition, Kramer Architects provides the client with recommendations on best practices for selecting building materials that are cost-effective.

Value Engineering

We pride ourselves on being experts in ‘value engineering’- which means that on tighter budgets, we help the client understand the best places to dedicate money within a project (for example, is it better to spend more on a higher-end refrigerator or HVAC unit?) Properly navigating these inevitable questions leads to a more livable home with a far more desirable resale value down the line.