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Kramer Architects facilitates every aspect of the process from an initial brainstorming conversation, to design, construction, and project completion. We are a constant presence, unlike many architects who simply design a home and pass blueprints off to builders. Equally as important as our design and creative skills, we act as an advocate for the homeowner. We take tremendous pride in addressing our client’s concerns, problems, and visions, creating a process that is rooted in trust and confidence. Kramer Architects provides customized housing solutions that are as unique as each one of our clients.


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Kramer Architects typically provides a free preliminary meeting with potential clients at their home, to help provide more information about making a decision and to answer basic questions. Home renovations or additions can be expensive, long and potentially disruptive. We appropriately recognize the importance of addressing a client’s concerns initially in the process. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and offer an education on the factors that should be considered when selecting an architect.


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